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See who needs a fur-ever home!

Lend-a-Paw Inc. Policy:

All applicants must be 24+ to submit an application. 

We do require 2 references and if you lease, we will require either the landlord's name and number or your a copy of the page of your lease that states that you can have a pet. 

** if you do not see a dog or cat you like on this page, please visit the "New Hope Partnership Page" for more available dogs and cats that can be rescued by us. 

If you are over 24 and do not own the house are living in, for example, with your parents, a parent/guardian or owner of the house must be present for the virtual house check and be the one to sign the adoption papers.


Meet Abby! This beautiful girl was just saved from the euthanasia list at the kill shelter. She is so greatful to her foster for helping give her this second chance at life and is doing great with the other dogs in the home. She loves to play with toys as well on going on car rides with her foster family. She knows some commands and responds well to routine. Lets start off the new year right and find this sweet girl a forever home! She is 1 year old, 29lbs, spayed, and up to date.


Meet Whisper. She just arriving from Louisiana after being saved from the kill shelter! She currently has a skin condition that is curable and is not contagious to other humans, dogs or cats. She is the biggest mushball, loves to play and run around. Whisper is in need of a forever home that will give her all the love and extra TLC she needs and deserves. She is about a year old, and up to date. She is good with dogs cats and kids!


Meet Akira! Akira was rescued from the NYCACC earlier this month after she was placed on the "at risk" list! She was deteriorating at the shelter, not eating and had suspected pneumonia. The day she arrived to us, we were immediately greeted with a tail wag and lots of kisses! This baby is so loving and gentle and deserves a good home! She is 3 years old, up to date and microchipped.


Meet Lollipop! Lollipop was the last of her litter that were dumped at a kill shelter in Louisiana! She is so sweet and playful and loves to run around and be silly. She is about 5-6 months old, up to date , good with dogs and humans, unknown with cats.


Meet Rocco! We were contacted about this handsome boy after he suffered a bent paw from a horrible breeding situation. It has not held him back the slightest! He has tons of puppy energy and loves to play. He needs a forever family that loves to be active with him and work with him as he is still a puppy. Rocco is 11 months old, neutered, and up to date.


KJ is our beautiful 5 year old hunk of burning love. KJ was surrendered to a high kill shelter when his owner became homeless, and he was facing euthanasia. KJ’s advocates fell in love with him and asked us to save him, so we did. KJ would benefit from a companion female dog his size or being the only pet and he bonds with his human almost immediately. 5 years old, house broken, affectionate and intelligent, KJ would love a home with a yard to run around and play in.


Meet Noche! This young boy was found as a stray in NYC and was on the euthanasia list! He's only a puppy! Noche is about 65 pounds, and a huge mush! He loves to run around and play with his other foster dog so we suggest he be adopted to a family with another dog. He will require basic training as he is still puppy. We suggest if adopted to a family with kids that they be over 10+ as again he is a puppy and loves to play and may knock them down by accident. He deserves to be loved adopted.


Meet Renee! She was saved from the euthanasia list at the Manhattan Animal Care Center. This gorgeous girl had pneumonia but thankful she is all better! She has lots of puppy energy and loves to run around and play. She gets along with other dogs. Renee will need to continue her training but hasn't shown any aggression toward humans or dogs. Being adopted to someone who has time to walk her a lot or has a back yard for her to play in would be fantastic! She is 2 years old, spayed and up to date


Sam is the blockhead bundle of love you never knew you needed in your life. An energetic and joyful pup of 2 years, Sam is always ready to play tug-of-war or go on long walks with his friends. Once he's had his fun, Sam loves to take equally long naps snuggled up next you! This sweet dog will do the cutest little howl when excited, shower you in grateful kisses, and flop right into your arms once he gets to know you. What more could you ask for in such an adorable guy?


Meet Larry! Larry was saved from the kill list earlier in December. He was so shy and scared at first. Our foster allowed him to decompress and acclimate at his own pace and he has begun warming up to him- even letting him give him belly rubs! He is good with other dogs but needs to have a slow introduction. We are looking for a foster OR adopter for Larry! He is about 2 years old, up to date and neutered.


Meet Mr. Pebbles! We recently rescued him from the ACC after being surrendered because his owner was no longer able to care for him. He has not been around other dogs but loves his toys and is super affectionate! Mr. Pebbles is blind so he will need an experienced adopter who can help him adjust to his new environment. He is not neutered due to his age but he is up to date. Mr Pebbles is 12 years old.


Meet Salami! This 8 year old bundle of joy was just given a second chance at life after being pulled by the euthanasia list. He has a slight heart murmur which does not require medication-it should just be monitored at his yearly checkup. He is great with other dogs and loves to cuddle!

Pumpkin Spice

Meet Pumpkin Spice! This bundle of love was just saved from the kill list. He is so excited for his second chance at life and would love a forever home with lots of room to play as well as snuggle. He is great with other dogs but no cats. Pumpkin Spice is 6 years old, 39lbs, neutered, and up to date.


Our poor beth just wants a warm bed to sleep on. Beth was bred and dumped in Louisiana. She gave birth to 11 puppies, 8 of which survived. All of Beth's puppies are adopted EXCEPT HER! This poor momma just wants love and attention! If you can foster or adopt, please message ASAP

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