See who needs a furever home

Lend-a-Paw Inc. Policy:

All applicants must be 24+ to submit an application. 

We do require 2 references and if you lease, we will require either the landlord's name and number or your a copy of the page of your lease that states that you can have a pet. 

** if you do not see a dog or cat you like on this page, please visit the "New Hope Partnership Page" for more available dogs and cats that can be rescued by us. 

If you are over 24 and do not own the house are living in, for example, with your parents, a parent/guardian or owner of the house must be present for the virtual house check and be the one to sign the adoption papers.


We just dont understand how "Shakey" hasnt been adopted. Shakey was pulled from the ACC earlier in October/November. Shakey is amazing with other dogs, cats and kids. He is 8 years young, neutered and up to date. He is so loved in his foster home & we cant wait to see what lucky person/family will adopt him!

Pancake, Hashbrown & Minnie

These are THE most affectionate kittens. They all love to snuggle together and make great cuddle buddies! They love to play and run around and the laser pointer is there fav! They are about 3 months old, up to date and tested!


Achilles is one out of 3 of Stefania's kittens that were born on 5/19/21 ! Achilles LOVES to give kisses and he's super affectionate. He loves to run around with the other kittens and play with his toys! He is neutered, up to date and microchipped!


Eros is one out of 3 of Stefania's kittens that were born on 5/19/21 ! Eros LOVES to give kisses and he's super affectionate. He loves to run around with the other kittens and play with his toys! He is neutered, up to date and microchipped!


Zeus is one of Stefania's 3 babies that were born on May 19, 2021. He is just as lovable as his mom and loves to play with his siblings. He loves to sun bathe and his favorite thing is having the zoomies! He is up to date, neutered and microchipped.


Stefania is a HUGE fan favorite! This baby girl is the mother of Zeus, Eros & Achilles. She is the biggest mush ball and just wants to be loved! She is good with other cats in a sense that she keeps to herself. She is up to date, spayed and microchipped


Oliver is 1 out of 5 kittens that were surrendered to us along with their mom athena. He has such an outgoing and loving personaly. He loves to play with the other cats and playing with his toys. If you’re looking for your next loving cat or kitty, please go to

Cali & Dexter

Cali and Dexter are 6 month old beautiful, fun, and curious fluff balls that would love a home of their own, together. Since rescued, they've been super playful, outgoing, and sweet little lovebugs ever since. They want nothing more than to be at your feet and to follow you from room to room. Cali with white markings, is independent at times, but always appreciates a good head scratch. Dexter is a full tabby who's very easy going and loves to play and groom his sister. UTD, fixed and chipped


Tulip is a 4-5month old found only with her mom during a TNR project in Queens. We call her Tiny Tulip as seemed to be the runt of her litter. She loves to play with her foster friends, get treats, and drools when being petted! She needs to go home with another playful, friendly cat.


Pebbles is such a shy baby girl. She just melts once anyone picks her up. She loves kisses and cuddling and LOVES her toys. Her favorite toy is her laser pointer and she also loves wrestling with her brother Cole!

Ash & Wraith

Ash & Wraith were found in the streets of Queens a few months ago! Luckily with the power of team work, they found an amazing foster who cared for them and allowed them to grow into such affectionate and loving brothers! They're about 4-5 months, UTD & soon to be neutered!


Harley is one handsome man! He is 1 of 3 kittens that were saved during a TNR Project in Hempstead! ( His brothers are Watson and Miles) He LOVES to lick and give kisses and he's super affectionate. Did we mention he loves to eat? He is about 3-4 months old and up to date.

Maryann, Waldo & Darla

Maryann, Waldo & Darla are 3 of our youngest kittens ! They are about 10-12 weeks old and beyond playful!! Waldo & Rascal came from a TNR project in Hempstead while Maryann and her mother came from a TNR project in Laurelton! These babies are currently up for PRE-ADOPTION ONLY!


Purity was rescued from down south where she was on the euthanasia list. Purity is the biggest sweetheart & loves anything and everything. She has a leg deformity and can not walk on her right leg but that does not slow her down! She is super playful and loves to cuddle. If her future adopter does have stairs, they will need to assist walking down them but she has conquered walking up them !!


Lexy is one of 4 other siblings that were rescued in queens a few months back. They've grown up with kids and other cats. Lexy is super loving and affectionate but shy at first. Lexy and her siblings are about 4-5 months old and up to date.


Athena and her 5 babies, apollo, penelope, salem, paco and oliver were surrendered to us back in May! Since then, she has been the best mommy and has grown into such a loving cat. She is very mellow and relaxed but also loves playing with her son, Apollo! She is about 2-3 years old, UTD & spayed.


Damion is such a mushball! This handsome man and his sister, Danielle are such love bugs and love to run around and play! They also love to lounge around and sunbathe on their free time! They are about 4 months old and up to date!

Tony & Tina

Tony & Tina we're rescued when they were only a few days old in queens. Along with their sister and mom. They're both very friendly and super playful! They love playing with a feather wand and will chase anything with a bell. They're also very cuddly. I wake up most morning with them on my bed. Being greeted by two fuzzy per machines is the best part of my day! Preferred to be adopted together but will consider separate adoptions

Tara & Tilly

This mom and daughter duo are so cute! They were rescued in Queens along with her two other kittens when they were only a few days old. Now they're ready for their forever home! Tilly and Tara are a-little shy at first. Which is totally normal! Once they open up they are both very affectionate and playful! Preferred to be adopted together but will consider separate adoptions!


Sassy was rescued along with her newborn babies. All her babies found forever homes so now it's her turn! She's alittle shy at first, but once she's comfortable she demands affection. If I pull my hand away to soon she'll tap it with her paw. She loves a good chin scratch and playing with a feather wand. She's would do best in a home with other cats.


Rafi is such an innocent old soul. He is only about 3-4 months old & is super mellow and calm. He is very shy at first but once he acclimates to his environment, he loves to play with his other friends and toys !! He is great with kids and other cats as well.

Tommy & Carter

Carter is about 3-4 months old and loves to play with his friend Tommy! Tommy was trapped during a project in Queens. He is on the shy side but finds comfort in his friend Carter. Tommy is FIV+. This does NOT affect him in anyway! He still loves to play with the other kittens and loves to snuggle up with Carter whenever he can. Carter and Tommy must be adopted together. Carter is FIV negative and both are UTD

Mouse & Dylan

Mouse and Dylan are our 2 handsome 3 month old lovers ! They are so super playful and energetic and LOVE to cuddle and are super affectionate. They must be adopted together. They are fully vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/FeLV!


Nikko and his sister Sage are 2 out of 5 kittens born on 3/31/21. He is super indepedent and loves having a routine. He sits and waits for his food and absolutely loves kisses and pets. He gets along well with other cats and kittens so we do recommend he be with another cat or adopted with another kitten.


Kiwi is one of our fan favorites. He came to us when a friend's neighbor was going to dump him outside since they just had a baby :( We were contacted and he was surrendered to us, no medical history and not neutered! Once we took him to get neutered, they discovered he had a 4/6 heart murmur. So we took him to a specialist, had an echo done and finally had the green light to get him neutered. He is completely healthy and does not affect his way of life at all. He does need to be on medication t