See who needs a furever home

Lend-a-Paw Inc. Policy:

All applicants must be 24+ to submit an application. 

We do require 2 references and if you lease, we will require either the landlord's name and number or your a copy of the page of your lease that states that you can have a pet. 

** if you do not see a dog or cat you like on this page, please visit the "New Hope Partnership Page" for more available dogs and cats that can be rescued by us. 

If you are over 24 and do not own the house are living in, for example, with your parents, a parent/guardian or owner of the house must be present for the virtual house check and be the one to sign the adoption papers.


Meet Kasper! He is a fan favorite here at the rescue. Kasper and his brother were rescued from the Animal Care Center in NYC last year. They were deathly ill and unfortunately Kasper's brother did not make it. Kasper is beyond affectionate and loves rubbing his head up against you and asking to be held. He is about 8 years old, up to date and neutered. He does have signs of early kidney disease so that would need to be monitored at his yearly vet appt. He is great with dogs cats and kids !!


Meet Ford! <3 This energetic silly boy made his NY arrival on 5/8! Him and his siblings were found as strays down in Louisiana! We just couldn't leave them behind! Ford is very intelligent and playful ! He is not fully potty trained but has two sets of vaccines and is dewormed and deflea d. He will need to be brought back to us to be neutered and microchipped at 6 months! He is good with cats and dogs !


Meet Carrots! We were called to remove two cats in an abandon house last month. We went in and found Carrots and another cat so scared and frightened and fighting for food... Once they calmed down and realized they were safe, they became such sweet babies.. Carrots was the first to warm up to us. He is a massive cat && loves to be pet and given treats! He has been vetted, neutered and microchipped & is great with other cats!


Muffin is just beyond delicious! She has grown to have the biggest personality and absolutely demands attention! If you are looking for a cuddly, mushy cat, Muffin is your baby! There isn't one dog or cat that she hates! She is about a year old now, spayed, up to date and microchipped. To apply to adopt Muffin, go to


FOSTER NEEDED! Cassidy has been with us for some time now and she is almost ready for adoption! We are looking for a foster who can work with Cassidy on trusting humans. She requires more one-on-one time. Our goal is for Cassidy to allow petting without hesitation or hissing! She is 1-2 years old, up to date, spayed and microchipped! To apply to foster Cassidy, go to


FOSTER NEEDED! Helios is one of our longest residents at the rescue! One of our fellow rescuers saved Helios after something attacked helios, causing him to require his leg to be amputated. He doesn't let that slow him down! He is still hesitant on trusting humans and can usually be found lying in his favorite spot. Helios needs a foster to work with him on trusting humans. Our goal for Helios to eventually be pet without hesitation! To apply to foster Helios, go to


Meet Ernie! Ernie was trapped in Hempstead last year along with his brother and 3 other younger siblings. He was so shy and scared at first BUT now he loves to lie around and be pet ! If you're looking for a total lap cat, ernie is your guy! He is such a mush ball and will happily join you in bed to cuddle!! He is UTD and neutered!

Emilio and Eleanor

Meet Emilio and Eleanor! They were brought to us after a family found them near there garage! We had Eleanor's eye assessed multiple times and have come to the conclussion that she doesn't need her eye amputated. She doesn't let her disability slow her down in the slightest! She is a huge purr machine and can't live without her brother Emilio. Emilio is a complete mush ball. He loves to run around and play but also can be found snoozing and sleeping the day away ! Both are great with dogs, cats


Meet Sage! Sage is one of three dogs that are being rescued from a bad situation! Sage's mom and dad were bred and had 5 puppies- only 2 were adopted and Sage and her other 2 sisters were stuffed in a crate…. upon rescuing Bambi, it was discovered that she has NEVER been outside. We brought her to our fosters home and where she received a bath and had her nails trimmed( her nails were growing into her paw pads!!) She is only 8 months old, good with dogs and cats!


We were contacted by one of the local precincts that found Moose wandering the streets! He was so scared and nervous at first but now he is a complete mush ball! He loves other dogs ( he looks up to them ) and doesnt mind cats. He rarely jumps but knows how to get on the couch and bed... did we mention he ABSOLUTELY LOVES TO CUDDLE?! It's hard not to fall in love with Moose! He estimated to be between 8-12 months old/ neutered/microchipped and has his rabies vaccine.


Scar is the father to Nala's last litter!! Scar and Nala were rescued in the bronx after Nala had her kittens! Scar is super affectionate and loves attention! He is shy at first but once he is familiarly with his surroundings, he will walk right up to you and demand to be pet! He can also be found lying in his favorite bed living the best life! He is about 1-2 years old, neutered and up to date!


Nala was rescued after someone found her and her babies in the bronx! She is the sweetest kitty and will run right up to you to get affection and all the pets! She's about a year old, spayed and up to date!

Dylan & Mouse

Mouse and Dylan are our 2 handsome 9-12 month old loving brothers ! They are so super playful and energetic and LOVE to cuddle and are super affectionate. They must be adopted together. They are up to date, neutered, and microchipped!


Our poor beth just wants a warm bed to sleep on. Beth was bred and dumped in Louisiana. She gave birth to 11 puppies, 8 of which survived. All of Beth's puppies are adopted EXCEPT HER! This poor momma just wants love and attention! If you can foster or adopt, please message ASAP


Happy is beyond HAPPY to be out of the shelter and saved from DEATH ROW?? Happy is about 2 years old, neutered and up to date. He has a lot of puppy energy and is good with other dogs and cats! He would do best with another dog that likes to run around and play, meaning probably no senior dogs & would recommend for kids 10+.


Hermoine is a sweet and gorgeous girl. She is very slow to new people and can hissy if she is nervous and scared. She is not aggressive but needs an adopter or foster home that is willing to let her adjust as long as she needs. She is about 1-2 years old, up to date and spayed.


Rosie was found in the bronx with her kittens! She is so happy and thankful to be safe, fed and given a warm place to sleep at night. She LOVES to sleep ( don't we all) & enjoys lounging around. If you are looking for a loving lap cat, Rosie is your girl ! Rosie is estimated to be 2-4y old, up to date and spayed.


Kash was rescued from death row at the ACC! We can't understand how someone would dump him-- he is the biggest sweetheart, loves to go for walks and play with his toys. He is crate trained, house trained, good with people and dogs! He is 4 years old, neutered, up to date and microchipped!


Colby was rescued from Louisiana and he loves living the free life! Colby is about 3 years old, up to date and neutered. Colby would be best in an adult only/pet only home as he loves to play like a puppy. If he is adopted to a family with another pet, the dog would need to be submissive. To apply or ask questions, please email


Lady was a rescue cat from the Brooklyn ACC. She has such a sweet and calm demeanor! Lady had glaucoma in her left eye which had to be enucleated, She hasnt let that slow her down!! She is such an amazing girl and deserves all the loves and cuddles she can get! She is about 8 years young, spayed, up to date and microchipped !


Twinkles and her sister Sprinkles were part of a TNR project in Elmont. Twinkle spends her days lounging and playing with her kitty friends. She has trust issues and takes awhile to warm up but once she does, she loves to be shown affection and loves to be pet! She is about 9-11 months old, up to date and spayed. She will require someone who will let her decompress and hide for awhile until she is comfortable in her environment. Can you help her find her perfect family?


Scooby has come such a long way in this rescue! He was surrendered to us back in January of 2021 and has been in and out of foster homes. He was lucky enough to have found an amazing, patient and understanding foster in Syracuse who has worked and trained with Scooby over the past few months. Scooby is a big cuddle bug and loves to be right by your side. He is about 2 years old now, neutered and up to date. He is good with dogs his size and would do best in a home with older children.

Levy & trevor

What about you? Will you be Daphne’s family, the family she always deserved and didn’t even know she needed. What about you? Will you adopt a gorgeous purr machine? What about you? Would you welcome a 6 year old, healthy, and lovable girl that was such a great mommy and surrogate mommy to so many? What about you?


Our big boy Titan is ready to find his forever home! In November, we were asked to pull Titan who was surrendered to the Animal Care Centers of NYC. He wasn't doing well and was refusing to eat. They were going to put a feeding tube in but we intervened. Titan has been doing amazing in his new foster home and now loves to eat! He is great with other cats and dogs and such a great personality! Titan is about 4 years old, neutered and up to date.


Stefania is a HUGE fan favorite! This baby girl is the mother of Zeus, Eros & Achilles. She is the biggest mush ball and just wants to be loved! She is good with other cats in a sense that she keeps to herself. She is up to date, spayed and microchipped


Lexy is one of 4 other siblings that were rescued in queens a few months back. They've grown up with kids and other cats. Lexy is super loving and affectionate but shy at first. Lexy and her siblings are about 4-5 months old and up to date.


Athena and her 5 babies, apollo, penelope, salem, paco and oliver were surrendered to us back in May! Since then, she has been the best mommy and has grown into such a loving cat. She is very mellow and relaxed but also loves playing with her son, Apollo! She is about 2-3 years old, UTD & spayed.

Tara & Tilly

This mom and daughter duo are so cute! They were rescued in Queens along with her two other kittens when they were only a few days old. Now they're ready for their forever home! Tilly and Tara are a-little shy at first. Which is totally normal! Once they open up they are both very affectionate and playful! Preferred to be adopted together but will consider separate adoptions!


Rafi is such an innocent old soul. He is only about 3-4 months old & is super mellow and calm. He is very shy at first but once he acclimates to his environment, he loves to play with his other friends and toys !! He is great with kids and other cats as well.


Sunny was one of 3 cats that were rescued from the Animal Care Center of NYC. He has come along way since then! He is shy at first but once he knows he is safe, he loves to be pet and groomed! He loves to run and play with the other cats but you can catch him lying around waiting for his treats or napping! He is about 7-9 months old, up to date, neutered and microchipped!