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Before submitting an adoption/foster application,

please read below to ensure the proper steps are taken.

  • Applicant MUST be over 24 years old to apply. Prior to applying, kindly consult with your partner or other members of your household. Taking on the responsibility of adopting a pet is a significant commitment.

  • Following the submission of your application, an Application Coordinator will be in touch with you to go over your application and coordinate an in-person home visit or a virtual home visit using FaceTime or Zoom. Some pets could be in high demand, so applicants are encouraged to follow up via email at

  • We will reach out to two personal references (these can be neighbors, friends, or colleagues, but no family members). Ensure they are aware of our contact, as any lack of preparedness on their part may result in a delay in processing your application.

  • We will reach out to one veterinarian reference for information on your current or previous pet. Please provide a comprehensive list of all your pets, including their names, in the application.

  • Once you are pre-approved to meet the pet, a meet-and-greet will be set up with you, your family, and any current pets

  • Our adoption contract and adoption donation will be required prior to a confirmed adoption. Medical records and microchip information will be provided only after the contract and donation are completed (no records are provided to fosters).

  • Lend-a-Paw Inc. reserves the right to make the final decision in order to determine the most suitable match for the pet. Additional information may be requested at any point to ensure the completion of the adoption verification. Any falsified or omitted information will void the candidate's application.


  • For the life of the pet, Lend-a-Paw Inc. has the right to check on any animal in the care of our fosters or adopters. No pet adopted from Lend-a-Paw may be given away or sold to another person or organization (or animal shelter). All adopters must contact our rescue and may not transfer ownership unless we have approved a future adopter

  • Fosters and adopters must follow the advice of our veterinary and behavior training professionals. All costs and purchases must be pre-approved by our rescue managers. Reimbursements will only be provided to approved, and necessary, services and supplies


  • Lend-a-Paw fosters, adopters, and applicants are required to remain professional in their interactions with Lend-a-Paw Inc. We are a volunteer-run non-profit and cannot answer requests or non-emergency communications immediately. Fosters, adopters, and applicants who are non-compliant with our rescue guidelines or who treat any volunteer rudely (by phone, text, email, online, or in person), will not be considered as candidates for our cats or dogs. Lend-a-Paw is a rescue dedicated to saving the lives of animals and finding them the best homes possible. We welcome everyone to join our close-knit family of animal lovers!​

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