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Support the business who support our rescue!  We are deeply indebted to the generosity of our many partners who support our work and make ongoing contributions to Lend-a-Paw. Consider giving them a follow on social media or spending your money with companies that give back to animals in your community.

Logo of Bissell Pet Foundation with black pet silhouettes

Lend-a-Paw is thrilled to be a partner with and participant of the Bissell Pet Foundation's Partners for Pets Program! Please click the image to learn more about this amazing program.

Chewy logo with red heart and blue text

Lend-a-Paw Inc. is a proud member of the Chewy Affiliate Program! We earn $15 for every new customer who makes their first purchase from Chewy using our referral link! Please use our referral link here:, or simply click their logo to be directed to using our referral link.

Colorful pink, purple, aqua, and black necklace

We are proud to support small and large businesses around the country. "Stephs Crafting Bits" has agreed to donate 20% of each sale to support Lend-a-Paw Inc. To allow Lend-a-Paw to receive this, you can put our name "Lend-a-Paw" in the notes of your order. To see the gorgeous jewelry this young woman makes, please visit her website here.


Litter box (automatic, electronic litter box) with cat looking out

We are a part of the Litter Robot's Shelter & Rescue Program! By using our referral link, you receive $25 off your purchase. Who wouldn't want a discount off of making cleaning their litter box easier? The link to this discount can be found here.

Dr Elseys cat litter Logo featuring an illustration of a veterinarian and a yellow banner

We only use THE BEST litter for our cats! Dr. Elsey's was kind enough to donate litter to our new facility! Want the best? Try Dr.Elsey's.

Smalls Rescue Partner logo with yellow banner on light blue background

We're excited to partner with Smalls to ensure your new kitty get a fresh start to their new life. Through our partnership, our adopters are entitled to receive their first order of Smalls'  Human Grade Fresh Cat Food for free

Smalls creates complete and balanced recipes, ideal for all life stages, and are made with human-grade ingredients, just like you would find at your local market. They gently cook quality meat to lock in natural flavor, nutrients, and moisture, then ship fresh meals right to your doorstep. Smalls is made in partnership with animal nutritionists to give your cat exactly what they need, and nothing they don't. Whenever one of our adopters redeems their free order, Smalls will send funds directly back to us to help feed and support more cats (kind of like referral rewards), and when one of them gets adopted, the cycle continues!

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