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Help us so we can help more animals and people!  Our donors play a key role in the success of our rescue. That's because we're a non-profit organization, running on donations from the public. By donating you're helping us to transport, feed, and provide top-notch vet care and training for the animals we rescue. Our generous donors and supporters allow us to help more animals in our community!

Please consider donating towards our rescue:

Wondering where your money would go?

  • $10 buys a 3.5-lb bag of dry cat food

  • $30 pays for one day of dog boarding for one dog without a foster home.

  • $100 buys three 40-lb bags of clumping cat litter

  • $200 is one standard vet visit with vaccinations and a wellness exam 
    (not including labs, X-rays, or medications)

  • $500+ goes toward our cat shelter facility monthly rent and electric bills

Make a donation!

Thanks for your support!

You can also send items to the animal(s) of your choice by clicking their photo!

We also accept donations of unwanted pet food and supplies such as towels, blankets, and toys.

Please contact us to arrange a drop off or pickup.

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