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See who needs a FOSTER home!


The cats and dogs highlighted on this page can use a little extra TLC which could mean either someone to simply help them warm up to human love or someone to allow them a place to live while we provide training resources. Please fill out an application if you think you can help!

All supplies are included with fostering.


Lend-a-Paw Inc. Policy:

All applicants must be 24+ to submit an application. 

We do require 2 references and if you lease, we will require either the landlord's name and number or your a copy of the page of your lease that states that you can have a pet. 

** if you do not see a dog or cat you like on this page, please visit the "New Hope Partnership Page" for more available dogs and cats that can be rescued by us. 

If you are over 24 and do not own the house are living in, for example, with your parents, a parent/guardian or owner of the house must be present for the virtual house check and be the one to sign the adoption papers.


Meet Kasper! This beautiful boy has been with us for so long and has been suffering from kidney disease. He needs a foster who can administer his daily medication and take him to his vet appointments. He loves cats dogs, and kids.


Meet Lukas! Lukas is in need of a new experienced foster ASAP. He is a very loving and playful dog who enjoys going on long walks and playing with his toys. He does have resource guarding and crate aggression so the new foster would need to be willing to work with our trainers.


Meet Lee! This handsome boy was found by a real estate agent in an abandoned house. He has really broken out of his shell, but has come back positive for feline coronavirus. Because of his condition, he needs to be an only cat or with a cat that has feline coronavirus as well.


Meet Apollo! This sweetie pie was saved from the euthanasia list at the ACC! He will need a foster that can take him to vet appointments for his possible neurological condition. Apollo currently uses wee-wee pads. We are unsure if he is incontinent or not potty trained. Apollo needs to be an only dog or go to an experienced foster who can do slow introductions.


Meet Karl! He was found by a volunteer who noticed he was being abused in his feral colony. He was emaciated and had lice. He has since been treated and has an amazing coat, but we discovered he is FIV positive. He will require a foster who is experienced in socializing.

Van Halen

Meet Van Halen! This sweet girl was saved from the euthanasia list at the ACC. She needs an experienced foster who will work with the trainer we provide. She is good with cats, but no dogs. She is not dog aggressive, but will need one on one training.


Meet Akira! Akira was rescued from the euthanasia list in NYC in late February! She is so happy in her temporary foster home, however she needs a new foster that can work with her on basic training including leash training. She would do best in a home with larger dogs or as an only dog. She is 2 years old, up to date, and spayed.


Meet Mabel! This beautiful girl was trapped with her sister Agnus who has since been adopted. Mabel has just taken longer to acclimate but she has opened up. so much! She loves other cats but will need a loving foster that will get her to accept human love and attention.


Meet Jovi! This beautiful girl was found in a home with almost 100 other cats after a fire. When she came to us she had circles of black crust around her eyes. Our vet told us she will need entropion surgery which she will be getting soon, but she would really benefit from being in a foster home for closer attention and more TLC for that time. Jovi is such a mush and will wrap her arms around you to give the biggest hugs! She is 9 years old, spayed, and up to date.

George and Gracie

Meet George and Gracie! This gorgeous brother sister duo found themselves homeless when their owner died. We knew we had to help them! They were front declawed by their owner a few years ago, but otherwise happy mushy kittys looking for a forever home where they can spend the next chapter of their lives together! George and Gracie are 7 years old, fixed, and up to date.


Twinkle was a part of a TNR project in Elmont. Twinkle loves to explore the playroom as well as snuggle with her feline friends. She has trust issues and takes awhile to warm up but once she does, she loves to be shown affection and be pet! She is about 1year old, up to date and spayed. She will require a patient foster or adopter who will allow her time to decompress and get used to her surroundings. Will you give this beautiful girl a chance?

Lola & Juno

Meet Lola and Juno. These girls were neglected since they were kittens-they were thrown in an attic for 10-12 years. When we received them, Lola's nails were severely curled into her paw pads, making it painful to walk. Juno was severely skinny and malnourished. After being vetted it was discovered that Juno had hyperthyroidism. It is being managed with one pill twice daily. These 12 year old ladies need a calm environment to live out their days together and learn what love is.


Meet Cassidy! Cassidy has been with us for some time now and she still waiting for a forever home. She foster or adopter who can work with her on trusting humans and accepting love. She will require more one-on-one time, but has been opening up to our volunteers so much. She loves other cats but would do best in a quiet home. She is 1-2 years old, up to date, spayed and microchipped.


Meet Trevor! Trevor just needs a patient foster family to show him what love is. He unfortunately lost his brother last year which left him lonely and afraid. Our other cats welcomed him with open arms and he can almost always be found snuggling with them! Trevor would benefit from a quiet foster home, ideally with a feline friend, where he can get some extra TLC to help him break out of his shell.


Meet Laurel! This sweet boy was a victim of a hit and run where he suffered a severed tail on the streets of Laurelton. Because of this he is very scared and it takes him a while to trust people. He has started to come out of his shell a little bit in the play room but would really benefit from a patient and loving foster to give him the extra TLC he deserves, and give him a reason to trust again!

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